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Whilst our local economy is going through some trying times, the hub continues to offer clients flexible, turnkey solutions. We don’t shy away from challenges – we try to find solutions.

We have two venue rooms and ample, trendy hot-desk space for clients to work from.

High-speed internet and a sunny space encourages innovative thinking and productivity.

We welcome local and international clients to share the experience and space with us.


What We Offer

The hub offers a flexible and practical turn-key solution to market research and business engagement needs across industries

Our toolbox


  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Zoom focus groups
  • online personal interviews
  • online business interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Customer intercepts
  • Mobile apps
  • Face to face interactions



  • project management
  • recruiting
  • analysis
  • moderating
  • reporting
  • transcribing

Our Story


  • To offer a state-of-the art research venue where flexibility is the name of the game
  • To break out of the mould and offer both classical and lounge-style relaxed environments for people engagements from all walks of life
  • To adapt to the needs of the market, inspired by local and international trends
  • To offer an inviting and relaxed space for short or longer term desk
  • To always have good coffee at clients’ disposal

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