Who We Are

About Us


Company history

Business owners Venetia Amato and Tani Pretorius realised the potential for a complete turnkey solution – offering an upmarket, professional facility in Cape Town for research groups and business-to-business engagements. It also offers a warm and inviting space for both creatives or serious thinkers to work from.

Although the hub is based in a centrally located area in Cape Town, the business offers research services across the country, including project management, recruiting, moderating, data capture, transcribing, analysis and reporting.

Using our local knowledge, expertise and support framework, we have built up an international client base who rely on us to manage their South African research requirements in their entirety. We have partnered and continue to foster relationships with clients from the US, UK and Europe – offering reliability and consistency in project delivery.

Our vision

The hub offers a flexible and practical turnkey solution to market research and business engagement needs across industries.

Our mission

  • To offer a state-of-the art research venue where flexibility is the name of the game
  • To break out of the mould and offer both classical and lounge-style relaxed environments for people engagements from all walks of life
  • To adapt to the needs of the market, inspired by local and international trends
  • To offer an inviting and relaxed space for short or longer term desks
  • To always have good coffee at clients’ disposal