In a beautiful urban setting, the hub offers 2 unique rooms, each with their own style and viewing facilities. Whilst our Aloe room offers a classic conference style setting, able to seat 10 comfortably (with up to 6 in the adjacent viewing room), our Strelitzia room offers a more relaxed atmosphere, seating up to 10 in lounge style or 20 in cinema style. The adjacent viewing room can comfortably seat 8.

Whilst both these rooms offer audio recordings and video streaming, only Aloe offers FocusVision.


  • The Aloe room is a classic conference room with viewing facilities.
  • Audio recordings, video-streaming and Focus Vision.
  • Fully equipped for focus groups, think-tanks, training sessions and work-shops.


  • A relaxed lounge-style setting ideal for focus group sessions, therapy sessions,workshops, business engagements and training
  • Viewing facility
  • Audio recordings and video streaming


  • General office duties – photo-copying, faxing, etc
  • Bookings and venue queries